Weekend Reads #5

Happy Sunday! Today is the last funday I’m spending with Thomas. After Wednesday, I’ll be drowning in school and assignments again. But before all of that, I’m going to enjoy a day of reading and napping in bed. Hope you enjoy these reads too. Marloes de Jong who lost her dream job in the fashion … More Weekend Reads #5

Weekend Reads #4

This has been a very sad weekend. My boyfriend Thomas and his mother Tineke said goodbye to their beloved cat Truus. She was 19 and she was the cuddliest cat ever known to this world. When something of this importance happens everything else starts to seem so small in comparison. You also recognize your love … More Weekend Reads #4

Weekend Reads #3

Yet again, it is Saturday. An amazing day after a long week’s work where you can do whatever your heart desires. This week, the blogsphere was filled with romantic articles as much as anti-Valentine’s content. I tried to keep the Valentine’s debate minimal but it was not easy to ignore. My favourite article influnced by … More Weekend Reads #3

Weekend Reads #2

Weekend Reads quickly became one of my favourite posts of the blog because it pushes me to discover more during the week and make judgments about what is worth sharing. I also enjoy documenting what was inspiring to me each week so that I can come back to it after a while and rediscover some … More Weekend Reads #2

Weekend Reads

I wasn’t a regular blog reader before starting this blog. Maybe a little Gala Darling here, some Youtubers there. But my Old Reader was full of art magazine subsbricptions that didn’t include a lot of reading material. Around two weeks ago, when I was opening up this blog, I knew it was vital for me … More Weekend Reads