About the Girl

I’m Aslı. I have recently turned 21 and I moved around 5 times in the last couple of years. Ankara, İstanbul, Utrecht, Amsterdam, İstanbul and Liverpool. But I’m still overwhelmed by the fact that most of my days are not memorable. This feeling is called Oleka. Most of our days are consumed with tedious tasks and keeping up with our own bodies. Sometimes these tasks are so unremarkable that we forget them after mere seconds of doing them. This feeling of Oleka was what inspired this blog. I was aware of all the exciting things I’m already doing but it wasn’t enough. I want this blog to inspire both me and its readers to create more memorable days. And eventually create a life worth remembering.

Outside of this blog, I am student in University of Liverpool studying my last year in Communication & Media. My main interest are film, design and literature. I love exploring all different art forms and I’m hoping to evolve and learn to create different kind of mediums myself in time.



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