What your sleeping position doesn’t say about your relationship


What your sleeping position doesn't say about you

A couple years ago when I first saw an article called “What your sleeping position says about your relationship” I  opened it eagerly. After all, it made sense that the positions we take when we are lost in the depth of consciousness could tell a lot about what we really feel down inside. Our bodies give a lot of messages that most of us usually can’t figure out and this could easily be one of them.

Everything that the article suggested was conveniently sensible. If you sleep in a spooning position, you need protection or if you sleep without touching each other, you might have some issues luring deep inside. It sounded a little too obvious. But it confirmed the relationship I was in back then. I guess that is one of the biggest reasons we read articles like this. We always want to be confirmed at what we are doing in life.

And I certainly did feel confirmed. Because the guy I was sleeping next to during that time, used to hold on to me like I was a teddy bear. All night long. It was very uncomfortable for the the crazy sleeper that I am. I could never get any rest while lying next to him. But I was too considerate to tell him this. I was also too romantic to consider that he just feels more comfortable holding onto something at night, not spesifically me. That was what the article said too. He must have been hopelessly in love with me.

Not so surprisingly, my theories were completely incorrect. As anticipated, my scientific proofs led me to the wrong conclusion. With the support of clickbait articles, I was fooling myself to believe that everything was nice and dandy when they were not. You would think not being able sleep next to someone would be a bigger hint than that. But when you want to be blinded, you find every little thing validating.

Today, in our king’s size bed, I could not sleep further away from my boyfriend. But instead of focusing on his unconsiousness, I try to concentrate on the times that we are actually awake to examine our relationship.


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