Update: Too many influencers make for an unhappy girl


Looking into the mirror after looking at the pages of Vogue is never easy. Atleast not for me. There was definitely a magical feeling while I was looking at the beautiful women dressed in gorgeous clothing. It did made me feel beautiful. Right until, I had to face the reality again. Then I experienced the big fall.

We have all seen the researches in the last few years that prove media has been influencing many people negatively, spesifically young women. I should know this the best as a media graduate. Because I have been taught over and over that media has the power to make anyone feel incredibly alone. As we only see a certain kind of image on media, we start to feel like we are the only ugly ducklings.

However, I didn’t fully realize the other influences media had on me. I have always looked up to women who has power. So when social media came around it was a natural transition to start admiring successful instagrammers or bloggers.

These women are beautiful, smart and in the image they present to the outside world they seem to have it all under control. That was the type of women I have always wanted to become. So it was difficult to imagine the effect they had on me was not always guiding me in the right direction.

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be successful. And I still do. But I failed to see that following what those women were doing would not bring me happiness nor success. Moving forward, I am not promising ground-breaking content where I jump of helicopters while interviewing Barack Obama. (Not sure if that is an awesome or horrible idea.) But I do want to write about the things that I want to talk about and hopefully get your opinions on.

There are many beauty gurus and world travelers out there. And even though I do have a little beauty lover and traveler inside me too, there are people that does those things, hundreds times better than I ever could. So from now on, I will try to find my own, both on this blog and outside of it. I hope you will be willing to follow me along the way.




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