My Turkish Easter Holiday by Photos

I was in deep need of a holiday these past few weeks. Living on your own comes with a lot of freedom. But it also brings many responsibilities that can turn very tiring after a while. Easter holiday was the perfect time to see my parents and friends in Turkey after 6 months and get some rest.

Thom was also looking forward to get a break and eat A LOT of Turkish food. Honestly, I was afraid to have my parents and my boyfriend stay in the same house last year. My dad had a bad history with my sister’s boyfriends. (As in, he stayed at a hotel once just not to see him.) But it went well last time so we hit the road again for some good ol’ Turkishness.

Easter Holiday

In 6 months, I missed a lot of quality family time and special days. So it was a necessity to pack my bag with sweets and gifts. I will not deny that I bought some of the stuff just to have a taste.

Easter Gifts

Before going back to my hometown Ankara, we stayed in İstanbul for a few days to see my girls. Our hotel was really shady. It did not have reception and it had a weird enterance. We thought we were going to get murdered when we first arrived. But it ended up having a great view of İstiklal Street that I’ve never seen before.

İstiklal Caddesi

Then we finally went back to Ankara. It is always an odd feeling to get back home. All the places you had in your heart for missing people fills back up with love. But you know you will have to leave again. I especially find it hard to leave my dog Chuck. Because there is no way to let him know that I still love him and think of him even when I’m not around.


SO MUCH FOOD! I completely forgot how my mama used to feed me. Add her desire to impress Thom on top of that and you get full stomachs at all times. This is just breakfast…

Turkish Breakfast

Easter is not celebrated in Turkey. But we still enjoyed the holiday with the countless Easter eggs we brought along.


Thom’s birthday was also during this vacation. He doesn’t like his birthday much. (I KNOW, RIGHT?) He wanted to keep things low key. But I couldn’t do nothing. So I treated him to a relaxing day in hamam and some red velvet cupcakes. It ended up being a real good one.

Thom's Birthday

There are so many different things to eat in Turkey. But the star of the show always ends up being baklava. If you ever get a chace to visit, YOU HAVE TO EAT. Don’t think of the calories, never look back.


We still have a few days left in Ankara and we will have some free days in Amsterdam after this. But I already feel like the holiday has ended. As the last day comes closer, I can’t help but think how sad I’m going to be when I leave. It is difficult. But I still had a great time.

How was your Easter Holiday? Did you have time to visit home?


4 thoughts on “My Turkish Easter Holiday by Photos

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Most food may seem difficult to master but I’m sure you will be able to handle it. 🙂 I would love to see the results if you end up trying.


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