The Beatles Story

I was lucky enough to be sent to The Beatles Story Museum as a part of a familirization project last Saturday. I did not spend any time with The Beatles since I’ve arrived in Liverpool. But I knew that I could not go back to Turkey during Easter only to reveal I did nothing related to them. I could see the blank faces just thinking about it. So it was great timing.

Albert Dock The Beatles Story The Beatles Story The Beatkes Story The Beatles Story The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story Museum really feels like a story. As soon as you enter the exhibition, you start following a narrow corridor that changes as the group go through different times and places. At first, the walls are red brick and you feel as if you are walking in a regular Liverpool street while towards the Yellow Submarine era everything gets funky and colorful.

It is a great experience to walk through the museum even if you are not a big Beatles fan. But most of the facts and information about the group is probably only appreciated by the hardcore groupies. So I did not leave the museum with a lot of new knowledge about the group (also because I did not get the audio guide) but I did spend a nice time appreciating their legacy.

Did you ever visit The Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool? What is your favourite museum related to a music band?


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