Inspiration: Grace Coddington

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Whatever life you are leading, I think it is very important to keep yourself inspired by books, paintings, films or even just the street you walk in every day. For me, the most inspiration comes from the people who are genuine in the way they live and in the way they create. These people don’t just live for the sake of going through the motions. But they keep on doing and creating because that is what fuels them.

One of those people that I know about and love is Grace Coddington. I’ve first seen her in The September Issue, a documentary about what goes on behind the scenes during the making of Vogue’s most important issue of the year. As soon as I saw her work in the film, I was mesmerized. But what inspired me the most was the way she takes simple inspirations from life and creates beautiful fantasies from them. Her life melts into the photos she creates. She sums it up perfectly in her most famous quote, “Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you.”

Grace Coddington inspires me to do just that. She makes me search for inspiration, keep my senses open. That is why she is one of the most inspirational people for me. She doesn’t make me want to copy her work or follow her career path but she pushes me to find mine.

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Do you get inspired by other people? Who is the person that inspires you the most?

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Grace Coddington

    1. Steve Jobs is really an innovator. I just read Creative Confidence from the guys who designed the Apple mouse and they sounded so inspired by his creative process. I would love to read his biography too.


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