4 Websites to Learn New Skills

4 Websites to Learn New Skills

We start school at a young age and we keep going until we are adults and there is no doubt that school education teaches us many things. Even just the act of going to the school adds many social skills to us. But sometimes the skills you learn at school may not be aimed at the things you want to learn .Most schools also tend to focus more on theories rather than practice, which makes me even more restless to go out there and do stuff. If you feel like me, there are many awesome websites out there that can teach you anything and everything.


Coursera is a website that works together with countless universities all over the world to share the university experience for free. All the courses on Coursera are structured really well because they are made by professionals. You can also get a certificate from the universities if you choose to pay some amount. You should definitely try the immense satisfaction of being able to get a class from uiversities like Brown and Yale with just a click.


While Coursera has a vast selection of classes on computer sciences and business, it is not always the best for skills like photograpghy and design. If you are looking to learn design skills or master softwares like Photoshop or Illustrator, lynda is the perfect choice for you. You are required to be pay and become a member. But after that you view any course. If you are not up for it they are offering a month-long free trial. So you can choose to pay or geek out for a whole month in front of your computer. Which is what I always do anyways.


Skillshare is my latest find and I’ve learned about it through Ember and March. Even though the classes are less structured than Coursera or lynda, it is a great place to learn many great skills from others and to get introduced to many talented creatives. The introduction lessons of most classes are free but you do have to pay to move forward with most of the classes.


If you prefer to learn crafts rather than working on your digital skills, the internet still has your back. Craftsy is an online website that focuses on teaching offline skills like sewing, cooking and gardening. Each class is purchased seperately and if you join now they have %50 off every class for National Craft Month. Didn’t even know about National Craft Month but YAY!

Do you use any of these websites? Which website is your favourite place to learn new skills?

6 thoughts on “4 Websites to Learn New Skills

  1. Love this post! I am definitely the type of person who always wants mental stimulation, and love constantly learning and engaging! I have heard of coursera but haven’t heard of the other sites–I definitely will check them out, thank you!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad


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