Weekend Reads #4


This has been a very sad weekend. My boyfriend Thomas and his mother Tineke said goodbye to their beloved cat Truus. She was 19 and she was the cuddliest cat ever known to this world.

When something of this importance happens everything else starts to seem so small in comparison. You also recognize your love for someone when you are not able to remove the cause of their suffering.

The links I’ve gathered throughout the weeks were more cheerful than I am right now. I hope they will make us all feel a little better.

  • Even though I’m not religious, I’m from Turkey and I frequently face discrimination because of my nationality. This Muslim man made a great expirement that filled my heart with hope.
  • Body confidence is something I am working on. These ladies from the “Why I Dance” video reminded me the importance of accepting our bodies and our sexualities once again.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #4

  1. great post !!!

    love your blog

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee’sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day



  2. Nothing inspires me more than old women kicking butt! Sorry to hear about Truus. I had 2 cats since I was 5 and they died a few years ago. Sometimes I still think I see them in the corner of my eye.


    1. That is really sweet. I’m sorry to hear about your cats. It is hard to live without pets once you get used to living with them. They bring so much joy.


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