Kinok Corner: Man With The Movie Camera

Man with the movie camera

Watching movies and analyzing them is one of the things I enjoy doing the most. Even though I always knew I wanted to write about them in Girl Against Oleka, I wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into a lifestyle blog. But I realized that, watching movies is an important part of many people’s lives and it certainly effects the way they live their lives. I know it effects mine. If it wasn’t for for the movies I’ve watched growing up, I would have never known what is possible outside my hometown. If it wasn’t for the naive belief Hollywood gave me about happy endings, I would never have found the courage to move out and discover the world for myself. So I figured that the movie corner fits into this blog easier than I first imagined.

I could not start the Kinok Corner with any other than “Man With The Movie Camera”  which inspired the name. “Kino-eye” is a term filmmaker Dziga Vertov from Soviet Union came up with. It simply means that the camera is superior to the human eye and is capable of revealing much more.

In their mission to promote communism in Soviet Union, a bunch of filmmakers including Dziga Vertov reject cinema traditions and try to create their own style of cinema. Their movies are generally shot without scripts, plots or stars and Vertov’s “Movie With the Camera Man” is one of the best known examples of the collective. In the movie, Vertov shows us one day from urban life.

Man with the movie camera

What to watch for: Since most of the footage is taken on the streets without script and actors, Vertov uses countless montage techniques to make his argument. So instead of focusing on what is in one frame, try to see the relationship between following scenes.

Were you familiar with Soviet cinema before? If not, what is your favourite genre?

2 thoughts on “Kinok Corner: Man With The Movie Camera

  1. I had to do a project on this film a couple of years ago. I had to recreate a still from the film. So there was a moment where a woman is lying down on a pillow, that was the image I chose, and I took a picture of my boyfriend lying on a pillow 🙂


    1. That sounds like a great project. I always get inspired by films but I have a harder time putting that inspiration to use. I might try doing that too!


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