School vs. Being Creative

School vs. being creative

I’ve been a very bad blogger. My desire to create was weakened and the cause of this was my old time pal. It was the school.

A few months ago, I wrote an assignment about a movie. Since it is a subject that I enjoy, I tried to create something that I like. Unfortunately, the teacher did not feel the same way about the piece as I got the lowest grade I’ve ever gotten in my entire education.I felt personally insulted because I kept the assignment so close to my heart. Now that it was condemned so blatantly by a professional, I felt stuck in between the rules and what I enjoy personally.

For a while, I did not want to write. I thought every word that came out of me was unwanted. But I knew I couldn’t be resentful forever. So I tried to get some motivation outside. In the process to gain back my ambition, one of the things I found the most inspiring was a TEDtalk called “Does School Kill Creativity?” by Sir Ken Robinson. In its first few minutes, the angry holigan inside of me was waiting for her team to score. But as he went on, I started to see the bigger picture.

When I was in 7th grade, my beloved art classes were cancelled in order for us to have more time for “serious” subjects. And all the counselors I’ve ever encountered encouraged me to choose a “stable” career. I thought about all those years I could have spent practising and gaining experience on things that I love instead of crying the nights before history exams. The teachers who were supposed to educate me and help me find my passions were actually the ones that confused me and drove me off my path.

With this realization, I stopped caring about that grade or why the teacher did not enjoy my essay. There was a bigger issue to be cared about. Ofcourse, I still care about people’s critique of my work. But I learned that sometimes you need to follow your own truths.

I also learned that we need to change the education system if we want the kids to grow up to be creative adults. In a way, school thought me that. I wish it didn’t have to.

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