Moments of the Week #3

The moments of this week could not have been nerdier and I think it will go on like this until I graduate. There are many things I want to learn and work on before I fly off to the adult world. Weirdly though, it doesn’t tire me. It makes me feel strong and energized. So even though this week wasn’t full of excitement and suspense, it was a happy week.

Moments of the week 3

  • I had the inspiration for learning how to code since I saw the awesome games my boyfriend programmed a few months back. But I couldn’t find a good website to start learning. They were usually to fast and made for people who were already familiar with programming. A couple of weeks ago I saw a Programming for Everybody class on Coursera. It started this week and I could not be more excited about it. If you want to join, we are just one week in.
  • I also have two cinema classes this semester that I’m really thrilled about. I’m going to be watching many documentaries and British films throughout the semester. My expectations are unbelievable high. BEST SEMESTER EVER!
  • Someone nominated me for a Liebster Award. I don’t know how valid this is in the blogging world but it was really nice to know someone out there enjoys what I’m trying to do.
  • Don’t know if you’ve heard about Sofar Sounds before but they are an amazing group of people who arrange secret gigs in people’s living rooms all over the world. You subsribe to their email list and apply for the gig you want to go to every month. Because the places are so limited I didn’t have to opportunity to go. UNTIL NOW! This month I applied for their anniversery concert in Amsterdam. I’m so excited to finally join in.

I would love to know about your week too! What were you upto this week? Did anything happen that excites or frustrates you?

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