Weekend Reads #2

Original image from Justapoz Magazine
Original image from Justapoz Magazine

Weekend Reads quickly became one of my favourite posts of the blog because it pushes me to discover more during the week and make judgments about what is worth sharing. I also enjoy documenting what was inspiring to me each week so that I can come back to it after a while and rediscover some of these things that I found captivating. This week my inspiration came from many different mediums including sculptures and fashion ads. These things certainly made me want to create and work more.

  • Super Bowl was everwhere last week. I could not care less about the sport itself but The Top 10 Super Bowl Half-Time Shows on WhoWhatWear grabbed my attention. It was really interesting to see which artists were chose each year and how they performed. My favourite is definitely Madonna. You need to see the way she gets down with the LMFAO guys.
  • ,I have never seen Yoshitoshi Kanemaki‘s work before this week. It is is amazing what he can create out of a piece of wood.
  • I always read about the most amazing stuff at MessyNessyChic. Last week she had a piece about The USB Sticks Hidden in Walls.  Apparently you can find them all over the world and share files with strangers. What an interesting idea!
  • There are always so many opinions about what we should eat for our health and everyone advices something different. I liked this post about What Nutritionists Really Eat because it shows how the professionals handle their own health during hectic schedules.
  • Betty Halbreich is the legendary personal shopper from Bergdorf Goodman. She is 88 years old and there is no doubt that she is fabulous. It was lovely to hear some little tips from her.
  • Did I mention my love for Mikhail Baryshnikov? It all started with Sex & The City and it grew deeper with Annie Leibovitz’s photographs of him. So you can understand that my heart dropped when I saw him in the new Rag & Bone video. Excuse me when put it on repeat for hours.

What was the most inspirational thing you saw last week?

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