3 Places to Get Creative in Liverpool


Me ending up in Liverpool was a complete result of luck. I didn’t know anything about Liverpool except their football team. But I jumped on the chance to get here when I applied to an university in İstanbul with an agreement with University of Liverpool. Because I just wanted to travel and I took every opportunity I couuld get my hands on. For 3 years, whenever I mentioned someone about my future in Liverpool they asked me to get them a Liverpool jersey. For your information, I am not the biggest football fan. So things were not looking up.

After those football comment filled 3 years, I finally arrived here. It looked beautiful and people were really lovely. But then I saw another side of Liverpool. It was a student city and its main hobby was to party. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good party as much as the next girl. But partying every night until I passed out was not an option for me.

Finally, I discovered the part of Liverpool that I enjoy the most. Behind the football and the clubs there was actually a really grand creative community. And these are some of the places included in that community that I really enjoy.


Nook & Cranny

This was my first discovery in Liverpool. The first time I was walking on Bold Street, I saw their poster for a workshop. As soon as I went back home, I googled them and signed myself up for a printmaking workshop. To be honest, it wasn’t the most educating workshop. But we did screen printing, patato printing and some carving. As a girl without many friends in Liverpool by that time, it was really enjoyable for me to be in the company of many creative people for a few hours. And I still say hi once in a while when I’m walking by!

When they are not giving awesome workshops, they also have the cutest store where you can purchase prints, cups, books and things that you’ve probably never seen before like cookie stamps. Even if you are not in town long for a workshop, I would dfinitely recommend you to have a good browse at their selection.

Nook & Cranny

Nook & Cranny


Bold Street (Opposite Liverpool station)


the Bluecoat

When I started meeting more people and mentioned my experience in Nook & Cranny, many people responded with their experiences in The Bluecoat. Ofcourse I did not tell them that I did not know what it was and secretly googled it on my phone to find out. And it turned out to be a great place for all art lovers.

They have exhibitions and countless workshops including jewelery making, painting and philosophy. I already have my eyes on their photograpghy workshops. They also have a Book Fair and a Record Fair coming soon that are definitely worth taking a look at.

The Blucoat


School Lane
United Kingdom
L1 3BX



I’m probably not completely objective with this last one because I volunteer there in my spare time. But I can honestly say that they have some of the most interesting exhibitions I’ve ever seen including the leap motion screen where you can fly through the media with your hand motions and the Lauren Moffaut piece viewed by the Oculus 2. They also have a great exhibiton coming up in March called Group Theraphy.


Besides the exhibitions intertwined with technology, they also have great workshops you can join. In the past I joined a few including Urban Alphabets where you took photograpghs of letters on the streets with an app to create your own alphabet and a Christmas workshop for kids where they made Christmas decorations with LED lights. So if you are looking for some unexpected and creative workshops FACT is the place to go.



88 Wood Street,
L1 4DQ

Have you ever joined any of these workshops? If not what is your favourite place for getting creative?

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