Weekly Wishes #2


Today is the first day of my last term in university. From now on, I will become busier again and I will hopefully finish with a BAM! But it is a complicated feeling starting the last semester. Because as much as I am happy to move on to do things that I enjoy and gain more control over my life, I am also afraid of the risks and the responsibilities that come with it. Being an adult is tough business.

Last week, I’ve set some goals for myself to start getting more productive again and overall I was successful.

Start being active again I started this one a bit late because I’ve arrived in Liverpool at the end of the week. But I managed to squeeze in a few running and yoga sessions before Monday. I’ve also made a running schedule and started Yoga with Adriene‘s 30 Day of Yoga.

Keep up with the blog This was and still is the tricky one. I did manage to post the weekly posts I planned like Moments of the Week and Weekend Reads. But I wasn’t as successful with the mid-week posts. But I am going to give myself some time for this one. It won’t happen in a day and I’m slowly getting to it.

Take more photos This is the point I miserably failed. I did take some photos of some nice building. But I’ve completely set myself for failure for the “selfies” because I gave my first shot just before bed with my puffy face. Needless to say it will take me a while before I gather up some confidence again. Baby steps…

So this week, I want to have a banging start to the work ahead. So my goals are more focused on getting a good grip of the schedule.

Organize, organize, organize I did some planning last week. But I still need to have a schedule for the blog, for MOOCs and some Dutch. I want to see how the class schedule works first so I can move around it.

Eat clean I have successfully managed not to eat artificial sugars for the last few days and I want to keep it up. At least until all the Valentine’s deserts.

More video chats My final goal is to also find time for my long distance relationships with my friends and my boyfriend during the busier times. And chatting is not as good as video chats!

P.s: This post is a part of the community post over at The Nectar Collective. So don’t forget to check out other posts out.

How was your last week? And what are your goals for the week ahead?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #2

    1. You definitely should! I find that sometimes when I’m chatting with my friends we can’t find any topics but if we videochat we can talk for hours. It is amazing.


  1. Good luck with your goals! I’m sure you can achieve them all! 🙂 Blogging is definitely more time consuming that you first expect haha. Trust me, four years of blogging and I have learned that you just get more and more wrapped up in it as time goes on!


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