Moments of the Week #2

When I was startin up this blog one of my biggest worries was to not have enough material and this week pretty much turned this fear into reality. I left Amsterdam and my boyfriend to start school again. I also had an exam which was incredibly difficult to study for. But I think it is still important, if not more important, to keep up with this weekly post in the weeks that were pretty dull. So this is my best try.

Flight from Amsterdam

  • Every night before my flight back from Amsterdam, I start feeling melancholic. It is hard to find a positive aspect of a moment I distinctly detest but I think it always makes me appreciate what I have there even more.
  • The feeling of getting home after travelling for 4-5 hours was still pleasent despite my desire to stay in Amsterdam.
  • I had one exam left this week and the moment I realized I was done was a huge relief.

Liverpool in snow

  • SNOW! I haven’t seen snow in the last two years and even though it melted away in an hour it was great to watch it fall.
  • I picked up running again after I was done with my exam. It is almost painful to admit it but I have been ignoring it for almost 6 months now. So it was a great feeling to start up again.
  • Finally, I still got to spend a little time with my boyfriend before leaving this week. And our latest obsession is The IT Crowd. If you haven’t watched it before, here is proof how hilarious it is.

What were some of your favourite moments of the week? 

8 thoughts on “Moments of the Week #2

    1. I now go to school in Liverpool. But I was exchanging in HvA last autumn. Amsterdam is so beautiful. You should definitely visit! I will try to post more things about Amsterdam soon too.


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