Weekly Wishes #1

Weekly Wishes #1

This is the last week before starting school again after a looong holiday. Also with the job search and the new blog added to that, I want to be clearer about what I want to achieve each week. Over at The Nectar Collective, they do a weekly goals post as a community where everybody shares what they expect of the week ahead. I thought it would be helpful for me this week (and some weeks in the future) to get some community encouragement to get on with my own goals.

Start being active again Christmas became New Years, New Years became exam week and exam week became the last week before school. Long story short I have been lazy for too long. So, as I go back to Liverpool for school this week, I want to start running and doing yoga again.

Keep up with the blog Two weeks in, the blog is an exciting project for me right now. But I still need to make some creative decisions and manage it more consistently. I also need to communicate with the blog community more and gain more readers. A lot of blog related goals in my future.

Take more photos This one is both for the blog and to keep more memories. I don’t really enjoy taking photos of myself. But I know I will enjoy having them as the time goes by. I also got a new smarter phone (Thanks to Tineke!) so there is no running away now.

What are your goals for the week? Do you share any of these goals?

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes #1

  1. Popping over from The Nectar Collective … welcome to the Weekly Wishes linkup 🙂 I understand about time going by and being lazy without realizing its happening! Good luck with the workouts as well as the blogging and photo taking!!


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