A day in Amsterdam

Since my boyfriend lives in Amsterdam, I applied to get a new Schengen visa as soon as I moved to Liverpool. Both because my love for him and my love for A’dam.

Whenever we visit eachother, we chill most of the time and try to make the most of the limited time we have. But I still had the opportunity to visit some lovely places and get some Amsterdam love that I miss when I’m somewhere else.

Lunch at De Ebeling

“De Ebeling” gets its name from the guitaris Arthur Ebeling and is conveniently placed in Overtoom. So it quickly became a go-to place for lunch after just one vegetarian club sandwich. Even though they don’t have too many vegetarian options, the ones they have are so yummy that you don’t want to eat anything else anyways. Their service is also really fast and their decor makes me want to buy too many brass lambs for my house. So if you are ever around, you should drop by.

Lunch at De EbelingLunch at De Ebeling

De Ebeling

Overtoom 52
1054 HK Amsterdam
020 777 20 05


Shopping on Kinkerstraat

I have never went jeans shopping for a boyfriend before and I was a little nervous knowing that how annoying I get when I’m shopping for jeans myself. But it was more fun than I imagined and way faster. I guess it is true when they say men just go in and out of stores.

I have also never got to explore Kinkerstraat before. They had a nice local food market and lots of cute little shops. We grabbed some “Turkish cake” while walking but as cliché as it sounds I did not find it good nor “Turkish” enough.

Overall, if you want a more local shopping experience while visiting Amsterdam, Kinkerstraat is definitely worth taking a look.

Shopping in Kinkerstraat

Haircut at The Graduates

I was getting the urge to cut my hair for the last couple of months now. But it is hard to find a place you like when you are moving around all the time because you never get to have a serious long term relationship with your hairdresser. But I think I found my new best friend today.

To be honest, I am terrible at hairdressers. I never know what I exactly want and I always end up hating the end result. I can not tell you how many 90’s housewife haircuts I had. When I was googling around for a new hairdresser, I read that they rent out seats to young hairdressers who are looking to gain more experience for 6-9 months before they fly away from the nest. And I thought even I could not end up with an oldschool haircut with them.

And boy was I right!

I had a nice little consultation with Andrew before the haircut and when he showed what he was planning on their photo board, it magically turned out that we have been planning the same thing. Half an hour after that, I had a new haircut that I loved.

If you want to get away from the old fashioned hairdressers I would really recommend them. The one I visited was in Amsterdam but they also have one in Diemen and one in Utrecht.

I also loved their product line called Undone by The Insiders. It was all natural smelly goodness that made my hair get that effortless tussled look. The only downside was that they were too big to fit into my carry-on luggage. But if you live in The Netherlands they are available to buy online on http://webshop.salonb.nl/the-insiders-haarproducten

Haircut at The Graduates

The Graduates

Overtoom 35 huis
1054 HB Amsterdam
t: 020-4896303


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