Moments of the Week #1

One of the things I want to achieve with this blog is to create a more memorable life. And I believe acknowledging the moments that will create memories are just as important as doing exciting things. We don’t need to bungee jump everyday to remember them.

So I decided to have a little corner in this blog where I jot down little bits and pieces of the week that I think are worth remembering.

Moments of the week #1

  • I’m studying in Liverpool this year but after spending the whole Christmas in Amsterdam, I was just there for exams. So it wasn’t the most fun of the weeks. But after my first exam on Thursay, I got to see one of my Brit friends and grab a cup of coffee. It was nice to catch up and finally have some girl friend time.
  • Later on Thursay, I took a flight back to Amsterdam. Even though it has just been two weeks it is always the best feeling to see my boyfriend after I haven’t seen him in a while.
  • I have been working on my new CV for about a week now. After consultations at the career service in school and a good couple of hours in InDesign, I was finally pleased with it last night. Oh, the sweet satisfaction of finishing a project!
  • My boyfriend and I have always been listening to odd songs since we started dating. And we have been singing this one everyday this week.

After deciding writing a weekly post about little moments during the week I became more aware of the things happening around me. However, I also started questioning which ones are worth writing about and which ones are. It was harder than I imagined. But it was empowering. It feels like I am more incharge of what goes into my memory collection now, rather than remembering random bits. I think practising this more will definitely help me create a more meaningful life.

What was the most memorable part of last week for you? Do you keep a memory journal? 

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