Weekend Reads

I wasn’t a regular blog reader before starting this blog. Maybe a little Gala Darling here, some Youtubers there. But my Old Reader was full of art magazine subsbricptions that didn’t include a lot of reading material. Around two weeks ago, when I was opening up this blog, I knew it was vital for me … More Weekend Reads

Weekly Wishes #1

This is the last week before starting school again after a looong holiday. Also with the job search and the new blog added to that, I want to be clearer about what I want to achieve each week. Over at The Nectar Collective, they do a weekly goals post as a community where everybody shares … More Weekly Wishes #1

A day in Amsterdam

Since my boyfriend lives in Amsterdam, I applied to get a new Schengen visa as soon as I moved to Liverpool. Both because my love for him and my love for A’dam. Whenever we visit eachother, we chill most of the time and try to make the most of the limited time we have. But … More A day in Amsterdam


Hi there, I am Aslı and I want to welcome to my blog Girl Against Oleka. In this blog, I want to share both my successes and failures as young woman with ambitions. I want create a life where I let the feeling of oleka motivate me intead of stifling me and hopefully inspire you … More Welcome