Mother in clothes

  The book Women In Clothes has been on my reading list for a long time. It has been on Lenny‘s reading recommendations and I thought it would be very interesting to see beyonf other women’s choice of clothing. And it did not dissapoint, the moment I picked it up, I became fascinated. The book did not … More Mother in clothes

What your sleeping position doesn’t say about your relationship

  A couple years ago when I first saw an article called “What your sleeping position says about your relationship” I  opened it eagerly. After all, it made sense that the positions we take when we are lost in the depth of consciousness could tell a lot about what we really feel down inside. Our … More What your sleeping position doesn’t say about your relationship

Anxiety of Success

  “This is your comfort zone. And this is were the magic happens. Outside of your comfort zone.” says the editor while encouraging Hannah to write an article about drugs in the TV show Girls. And maybe magic does happen for Hannah, but probably because she is incredibly high. Because for me getting out of … More Anxiety of Success

Update: Too many influencers make for an unhappy girl

  Looking into the mirror after looking at the pages of Vogue is never easy. Atleast not for me. There was definitely a magical feeling while I was looking at the beautiful women dressed in gorgeous clothing. It did made me feel beautiful. Right until, I had to face the reality again. Then I experienced … More Update: Too many influencers make for an unhappy girl

Weekend Reads #5

Happy Sunday! Today is the last funday I’m spending with Thomas. After Wednesday, I’ll be drowning in school and assignments again. But before all of that, I’m going to enjoy a day of reading and napping in bed. Hope you enjoy these reads too. Marloes de Jong who lost her dream job in the fashion … More Weekend Reads #5

The Beatles Story

I was lucky enough to be sent to The Beatles Story Museum as a part of a familirization project last Saturday. I did not spend any time with The Beatles since I’ve arrived in Liverpool. But I knew that I could not go back to Turkey during Easter only to reveal I did nothing related to … More The Beatles Story